Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Cover 14'

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Our economically priced Mexican palm umbrella measures 14 feet in diameter and covers a total of 13 ½ feet when installed. The thatch used to make this umbrella cover has been hand-woven and tested for quality to ensure customer satisfaction. We provide free shipping and handling on our 14 foot umbrella covers and will inspect each product prior to shipment.

The light tan and golden brown colors compliment outdoor décor themes of all types. Use umbrella covers to repurpose children’s play equipment, tiki bars, gazebos, and other custom made building structures.

All Mexican thatch products are handwoven and made from natural materials. Many customers ask, how long will my Mexican palm thatch last? The answer unfortunately, is that it really depends on a number of factors, the main one being climate. In dry, moderate climates Mexican palm thatch can last approximately 3-5 years.  In harsher climates that experience heavy rains, high humidity and drastic changes in climate it will be significantly shorter (approximately 1-2 years).  Due to this and other external factors we cannot guarantee the life of these products. 

If durability is a concern, please feel free to consider our Artificial Thatch options.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not fire rated. We recommend applying a flame retardant spray for commercial use. This product includes umbrella cover only. Frames and poles sold separately.

  • 14 Foot Diameter
  • Covers 13-13 1/2 Foot Diameter Round Structures
  • Made from Mexican Thatch
  • Hand-woven Palm Leaf
  • Commercial Grade
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy to Cut
  • Free Shipping

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