About Us

We believe life is too short! Backyard X-Scapes was founded over 15 years ago with the sole mission to provide high quality home products that help each of us “X-Scape” from the stresses of day-to-day life.  Whether it is bamboo fencing or thatch for a tiki bar, our products help transport customers to their favorite vacation without the plane.  We are proud now to be the nation’s premier supplier of bamboo fence, poles, paneling and many other products.   Backyard X-Scapes is a recognizable brand on some of the largest online retailers in our country. 

Our original founders, Steve & Jamie were lifelong surfing buddies who had an entrepreneurial drive.  After years of traveling the world with a major domestic airline, they opened and built up a successful wholesale tool business but something was missing.  Their love was always white sand beaches and crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean…and more importantly the way it made them feel.   They realized the “tool business” was just another job and they set out to find something more.  That more was bamboo! 

Steve & Jamie built Backyard X-Scapes to offer customers that tropical “get-away” feel and provide an eco-friendly alternative to other building materials.  Also, equally important, the products help transport customers away from the stresses of daily life.  

In 2017, a new ownership group came in with a renewed excitement and dedication to build on the initial success of the company.  Ross Bloom, Todd Bloom and Danny Rosenthall never envisioned owning a bamboo company, but life is full of surprises.  Todd was a former CEO with +30 of automotive experience. He achieved the highest levels of success in this industry and was an expert in strategic planning, marketing, P&L management and organizational leadership.  Danny was a Certified Financial Planner by trade and built a tremendous reputation in his industry as a strong analytical thinker and trusted advisor. Ross had a successful career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for over 15-years where he developed a strong track record of employee development, customer service and driving bottom-line performance. 

Like Steve & Jamie with their previous tool business, Ross, Danny and Todd were looking for something more fulfilling. These three successful business leaders wanted the opportunity step away from the restrictions of large corporations and build something more personal.  The idea of having the opportunity to create an organization that truly shares their values was very exciting.   As they searched for businesses, eventually the Backyard X-Scapes opportunity crossed their desks. 

While none of the partners knew anything about bamboo, the strong foundation of this organization was clear and the idea of working primarily in eco-friendly, sustainable building materials brought more meaning than just bottom-line profits.  Since then, Danny, Todd and Ross have become industry experts, and driven the company to new heights. They have developed a true family dynamic within our company and their appreciation of employees and customers resonate through every decision we make as an organization.  

Today, we are the nation’s #1 Themed Material Supplier. Customers know that only the highest quality products meet our standards and even though we sell a lot more than just bamboo now, we are proud to help transport thousands of people every year to their own island “X-Scape”.