9.5 Ft. Hula Tiki Thatch Beach and Patio Umbrella

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Bring the tropical fun to your patio or beach hangout with Hula Tiki Thatch beach & patio umbrella from Backyard X-Scapes. Lightweight, durable Raffia Hawaiian Tiki Thatch umbrella is designed to withstand the various weather, from sunny and hot to windy and rainy. Portable pop up umbrella features “Market Style” construction that is easy to open up and collapse down, won’t bow or bend, steady wood-looking steel stake poles to effortlessly anchor into the sand. Raffia Tiki Hut Umbrella is made of recycled plastic bags, heavy-duty steel poles, durable fiberglass ribs, and 2-layer fabric for extra sun protection. Eco-friendly, recycled plastic bag raffia, sewn on top of the premium, breathable polyester UV-blocking fabric that allows air to flow through so it is always cool under Tiki umbrella. Lightweight, portable Hula tiki umbrella comes with a travel case so you can easily bring your Hawaiian style beach umbrella anywhere.

  • 8 Ft. high pop-up umbrella
  • Eco-friendly, lightweight, portable beach or patio umbrella
  • Heavy-duty steel stake poles that easily anchor it into the ground
  • Premium UV-blocking Polyester fabric protects from the harms of the sun
  • Ventilated canopy made of breathable fabric
  • 2-layers roofing to provide extra sun protection
  • Easy to open and close
  • Latch for secure it open
  • Standard pole size fits any umbrella base stand
  • Travel case bag so you can bring your shade anywhere