11' Single Pole Umbrella Kit with African Reed Panels

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African Cape Reed thatch has unique appearance that retains a tropical flair. Neatly trimmed panels layer on top of one another to create a tiered look. When you use African Cape Reed thatch in your structures and decorations, you can make both functional and beautiful projects.

Our African Cape Reed thatch umbrella spans 11 feet in diameter and offers 10.5 feet of shade. The 11-foot thatch umbrella cover rests on a frame with an 8-foot diameter, giving you additional coverage with an overhang. These custom-made kits have natural materials and take about two to four weeks to produce. Every part of the kit goes through a thorough inspection before we send it your way.

Kit Contents

Each of our 11-foot African Cape Reed thatch umbrella kits includes:

  • Instructions
  • Hardware
  • Metal umbrella frame
  • Pressure-treated lodge pole (six-inch diameter)
  • African Cape Reed thatch panels
  • African Cape Reed thatch top cone

The moderately easy installation process requires only one person. If you have an intermediate understanding of outdoor projects, you can assemble this umbrella! For more details about setup, feel free to contact our customer support specialists.

How to Use Your African Cape Reed Thatch Umbrella

You can install this 11-foot thatch umbrella in your resort, park, business or backyard. The cover has a hand-woven construction that naturally protects you from the sun and heat. African Cape Reed thatch has natural insulating properties. When you shade yourself from the sun using this umbrella, it redirects heat upwards through the reed layers, cooling down the covered area.

Business owners, renters and homeowners can all benefit from the convenience of an African Cape Reed thatch umbrella kit. It saves time for professional contractors and experienced home DIYers. Meanwhile, the relative ease of installation makes it a great entry-level project for anyone getting started in tropical decor. Renters who can't add an entire structure to their backyards can instead install this umbrella.

Taking Care of Your 11-Foot Thatch Umbrella

Depending on treatment and climate conditions, your umbrella can last for years after installation. African Cape Reed thatch requires a relatively low level of upkeep to maximize its lifespan. We recommend applying a fire retardant for safety and compliance. Even residential customers can benefit from the protective properties of thatch fire protectant. PLEASE NOTE: This custom made umbrella is final sale.


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