Total Wood Protectant TWP Light Cedar

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Specially manufactured for our bamboo products, Total Wood Protectant (TWP) is a sealant and stain that will extend the longevity and beauty of your bamboo. It is water-resistant, protects it from mildew, mold, and fungus. TWP will also enrich the color of your bamboo; it is buildable in color so you can stain your bamboo to your desired darkness without it being too rich in the initial coat for those wanting to subtly tint or protect. 

Apply TWP before installing your fence and reapply every few years (depending on your area’s climate) to maintain its protection and rejuvenate a fading fence. 

How to apply: First, using a maroon sanding pad, lightly rough up the bamboo so that the TWP will adhere well. If you are applying to an existing fence, you may want to then pressure wash or clean your bamboo with mild bleach solution (1 part bleach, 7 parts water). Once you ensure that the bamboo is completely dry, you will apply the TWP. We recommend using a sprayer for an even and light application, but you may paint it on as well. If you are wanting to apply multiple coats (to build on the color or for additional protection), be sure to wait for the initial coat to dry completely. This may take 24-48 hours as it is oil based. The more humid the climate, the longer it may take to dry. Once it is dry, you may add an additional coat and continue building on the color one coat at a time. We recommend two coats for full protection.

How much do you need? This mostly depends on the application method. You will use more product if you paint the TWP onto the bamboo than if you use a sprayer. If you are applying by painting, each gallon will cover 150-200 SF for the initial coat and 200-250 SF for each additional coat. If you are applying with a sprayer, each gallon will cover 200-250 SF for the initial coat and 250-300 SF for each additional coat. 

Example: If you are wanting to apply two coats of TWP to both sides of (4) 22-N6 fences (1” x 6’ x 8’), you would calculate the total square footage: 6’ x 8’ = 48 SF for one side. Multiply by 2 for both sides of one fence: 48SF x 2 = 96SF. Then 96SF x 4 = 384 SF for all four fences. You would want (4) gallons if you are painting and (3) gallons if you are spraying. 

If you underestimate how much you need for your bamboo, don’t worry! Our TWP ships for free and is locally manufactured, so we have inventory readily available for quick shipment to complete your project.