Peeled Reed Natural Fencing - 4ft. H x 8ft. L (4 Pack, Total 32FT Long)

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Natural Reed fencing is a convenient & cost effective way to add texture and dynamic aesthetic to your home & garden. Reed fencing products can add the same kind of tropical beauty to your space as Bamboo fencing at an affordable rate. Reed rolled panel fence is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and will help to enhance your living space in an organic way. This natural fencing is constructed from fresh water reed that grows abundantly along river banks, wetlands, & estuaries. The pre-assembled panels are carefully woven together by vinyl coated wire to ensure a stunning design while remaining seamless. This lightweight material is perfect for easily covering unsightly structures such as old fencing, or it can add a tropical aesthetic to your landscape or pool area. Reed fencing is also great for enhancing the curbside appeal of your yard or garden, accentuating your palapa or tiki hut, and giving an authentic tropical feel to your indoor decor. Using reed fencing as a screen can also aid in enhancing privacy for your home & garden, add extra layers or Reed rolled panel fence for more privacy. Using renewable resources is an excellent way to aid in preserving our environment, the abundant growth rate of fresh water reed makes it an eco-friendly option.

  • 4 Pack
  • 4 Foot Height
  • 8 Foot Length (totaling 32' length for pack)
  • Made from Water Reed
  • Blend of Beautiful Natural Colors
  • Eco-Friendly
  • This is not a privacy fence, add multiple layers to add more coverage or for total privacy use other material or screen on the backside to block outside view
Reed fencing is a natural, handwoven product that is tightly rolled. Fence roll may need to be stretched to reach full length. Due to it being a natural product, actual sizes may vary.