Natural Raw Split Bamboo Slat Fence 6 Ft H x 6 Ft L (2-Pack)

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Designed to create a rustic backyard look and feel with a raw split bamboo fence that is spaced enough to allow for some filtered light, yet adding some privacy to feel secluded. Versatile eco-friendly, sustainable material, the Split Bamboo Slats fence is the perfect solution to beautify a chain link fence or to hide unattractive old fencing. Use it as an outdoor screening, fencing, or simply as a decorative backdrop. Our Split Bamboo Fence is made of natural bamboo from the Anji Mountain located in China, slats are interwoven with galvanized wire. The split bamboo fencing panel comes ready to be installed and gives consumers the ability to easily and quickly attach it to support (support not included). Installation is easy with staples, zip ties, or wires. Simply run a wire into the fencing and then twist it onto your existing chain link fence to hold it up. Be creative and improve your outdoor space curb appeal with natural and raw split bamboo fencing. The best solution to beautify your chain link fence and add charm to your garden landscape. Raw bamboo poles split in small slats ranging approximately 1/4"-5/8", slats are not treated. Length can be shortened by snipping the wire at its desired length and bending the wire back into the fencing. Height can be shortened by cutting individual poles at your desired length with fine multi-tooth saw blades. 
  • 1/4"-5/8" slat width
  • 6 foot height
  • 6 foot length
  • Two pack (total of 12 feet)
  • Natural color
  • Premium galvanized wire
  • Free shipping
All Split Bamboo Fencing products are made from natural materials. Many customers ask, how long will my Split Fencing last? The answer is that it really depends on several factors, the main one being climate. Split Bamboo Fencing can last approximately 2-3 years in dry, moderate climates. In harsher climates that experience heavy rains, high humidity, and drastic changes in climate it will be significantly shorter (approximately 6-months-1 year). Due to this and other external factors, we cannot guarantee the life of these products.