Jumbo Reed Bamboo Fence 6' x 16'

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High-quality decorative Jumbo Reed Bamboo fence is designed to cover and beautify your chain link fence, enhance your garden, or add backyard curb appeal. Thick rolled reed canes are spaced enough to allow for some filtered light, yet provides enough screening to create a feeling of seclusion. Our sustainable and eco-friendly Jumbo Reed fence is constructed from fresh water reed that grows abundantly along river banks, wetlands, and estuaries. Reed is naturally resistant to termites and pests.

Forever Bamboo Jumbo Reed screen fence is an affordable and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood or plastic fence. The pre-assembled fence panels are carefully woven together by vinyl coated wire to ensure durability while remaining seamless. Unlike bamboo fences, the individual reed diameters vary between 1/4” to 3/8”, which makes this Jumbo Reed fence sturdier than regular reed, but still lightweight and easy to handle. Installation is easy with staples, zip ties, or wires. Simply run a wire into the fencing's wire and then twist it onto your existing chain-link fence to hold it up.

Perfect screening solution to dress up a plain stone wall, add a rustic feel to a garden, or even keep hungry animals out of the vegetables; place it over a chicken wire fence and no small animals will be able to squeeze through it. Use it as a screen fence, a divider to section an area in your yard or garden, or add coverage from the outside curious eyes, protecting outside view into your home while still able to see out (please note, this is not a privacy fence). Also, use Jumbo Reed Bamboo fence indoors for decoration or to add an accent wall.

Although reed fences have no treatment and cannot be painted, care for a reed fence is easy, just hose it down occasionally to make sure molds and algae don't get a foothold on the wood and voila. Jumbo Reed Fencing is an upgrade option from the regular Reed fencing and an affordable option to bamboo fencing.

  • Easy to install jumbo reed rolled panel fence can be resized by clipping the wire and removing reed canes.
  • Decorative Jumbo Reed fence can be cut or trimmed for fitting, install on a flat or curved surface with appropriate fasteners such as zip-ties or wires (not included)
  • Add multiple layers to add more coverage or for total privacy
  • Measurement: 6 feet in height by 16 feet in length with an approximately
  • 1/4 to 1/2-inch gap between each premium reed cane
  • Individual reed diameters vary between 3/8 in. to 1/4 in.
  • Weight of the Jumbo reed fence panel is 24 lbs.
  • Free shipping
  • Disclaimer: Jumbo Reed fence is a natural product, color and measurements can vary slightly
  • This is not a privacy fence, add multiple layers to add more coverage or for total privacy use other material or screen on the backside to block outside view
Reed fencing is a natural, handwoven product that is tightly rolled. Fence roll may need to be stretched to reach full length. Due to it being a natural product, actual sizes may vary.