Natural Black Bamboo Fencing

Why Choose Black Bamboo Fencing Rolls?

We have plenty of reasons why you should consider using black bamboo fencing in your tropical decor, including that it's:

  • Naturally Beautiful: The rich caramel brown that black bamboo fencing comes in isn't a dye or stain — it's the bamboo's natural color. Our black bamboo fencing comes from the species Phyllostachys Nigra, which already comes in cocoa and tan tones.
  • Sustainable: Bamboo not only grows at a rate of up to two inches an hour, but it doesn't have to be killed during harvest. Instead, harvesters cut it at the base and let it regrow. As a bonus, it releases 35 percent more oxygen into the atmosphere than other plants, helping us solve the global warming epidemic.
  • Sturdy: Our fencing is made from the most durable black bamboo and goes through extensive quality testing. While the galvanized steel wire holding the bamboo together is flexible, it also keeps the poles firmly in place.

Natural Black Bamboo Fencing Roll Sizes

Each black bamboo fencing roll we sell has one-inch diameter poles and a length of eight feet. Our rolls come in heights of three feet, four feet, six feet and eight feet to suit all your needs.

Black Bamboo Fencing Applications

You can use our fencing rolls for more than just fences. Get creative and buy it to make:

  • Dividers and screens
  • Indoor decor
  • Garden borders
  • Deck railings
  • Tiki bar, Tiki hut and Palapa decorations

By cutting and shaping our fence rolls, you can create all sorts of decor, structures and furniture for your business.

Affordable and Strong Bamboo Fencing Materials

Beautify Your Business With Natural Black Bamboo Fences

If you want to create a tropical environment for your resort, restaurant, amusement park or other commercial space, consider using natural black bamboo fencing to:

  • Create a backdrop for your front desk, reception or bar
  • Give diners a little privacy with black bamboo dividers between booths and tables
  • Make an open office feel more dynamic by adding black bamboo dividers
  • Apply fence sections of different heights to a wall as decor
  • Section off outdoor lounge spaces

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Your Source for Quality Black Bamboo Fencing Rolls

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