African Thatch Reed Top Cone 31"

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This African Thatch Reed Top Cone is made from 100% natural cape reed and measures 31 inches in diameter. The tropical color blend of yellows, browns, and greens gives a natural look that will complement any décor scheme perfectly. This product is eco-friendly and constructed from the highest quality cape reed available on the market.

African cape reed can last between 8 and 10 years depending on climate conditions and treatment. Thatching reed is a natural product, and thatch roofing will allow heat and moisture to penetrate upward, ventilating your building structure. The high insulation quality provides cooler air to flow through the reed in the summer and retain heat during the winter. Typically, African reed thatch tends to keep building structures 10 degrees cooler or warmer than ambient temperatures depending on the season. Alternative roofing materials do not have the insulation value that natural thatch does.

Easy and effortless to install, our African reed top cone will add the perfect finishing touch to any roofing structure. This item will complement and fit any shaped roof for a complete and professional look.

  • 31 Inch Diameter
  • Made from African Cape Reed
  • Commercial Grade
  • Fumigated
  • Eco Friendly
  • Free Shipping

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