Viro Reed African Thatch Eave 31" L x 3.94" H

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This Viro Reed African Eave Thatching measures 31 inches in length and 3.94 inches in height. These panels are made from an eco-friendly polyethylene material that is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Use synthetic reed eave panels to cover dull roof fascia boards and instantly enhance your outdoor structure.

Reed eaves are also referred to as “brooms” due to their thick, plush appearance that is shaped to look like a broom head. Our eave thatch duplicates the same rustic texture and color blend of tans, yellows, and greens you see in natural reed products. Broom eaves are intended to be used with any of our other Viro reed synthetic thatching products. Roof structures that contain synthetic thatch do not require any maintenance and are pest and mold resistant. Like our other synthetic products, broom eaves will last twice as long as natural thatch.

Contact our expert staff for roofing calculations and suggestions on how you can best complete your project.

  • 31 Inch Length
  • 3.94 Inch Height
  • Made from Polyethylene
  • Reed Fascia Panel
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Long Lasting
  • Commercial Grade

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