Natural Black Bamboo Fence 1" D x 3' H x 8' L

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Our natural black bamboo fencing is free of colored dyes and stains. We import Phyllostachys Nigra bamboo (a naturally dark bamboo species) to construct each one of our sturdy and highly durable fences. This unusual bamboo is naturally rich in color and emits vivid shades of cocoa browns and smooth creams.

Forever Bamboo fencing is made from the strongest, most durable and sustainable bamboo available. This fence is 8 feet long and 3 feet high with a 1 inch diameter width. Each fence has been secured with sturdy galvanized steel wire for maximum flexibility. Before shipment, we carefully inspect each fencing panel for quality control. We then bag each fence securely.

We suggest applying our specially formulated TWP with UV Inhibitors to the surface of your fence for a finished look. The sealant will also help keep the color from fading or turning gray during seasonal climate changes. See our installation video and tips to maintain bamboo fencing to help ensure years of product integrity.

  • 1 Inch Diameter
  • 3 Foot Height
  • 8 Foot Length
  • Natural Black Color
  • Made from Natural Black Cane Bamboo
  • Commercial Grade
  • Premium Galvanized Wire
  • Fumigated and Fire Straightened
  • Naturally Capped at the Node
  • Eco Friendly
  • Light Weight and Long Lasting
  • Easy to Install

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