Fine Weave Lauhala Matting 4' x 8'

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Our fine weave Lauhala matting roll has been intricately hand-woven into a 4 foot wide by 8 foot long eco-friendly mat. We only use premium Hala leaves that have been tested for quality to ensure customer satisfaction. This mat has a ½ inch checkered pattern weave that looks great in any indoor or outdoor setting. Enhance your home or business with this versatile and organic decorative matting.

Use Lauhala matting to line tiki bars, kitchen cabinets, children’s play equipment, wall and ceiling spaces, bed frames, and more. You can also apply matting to palapa and gazebo structures to use as underlayment. The light tan color tones welcome a calming tropical ambience that compliments décor themes of all types.

Glue, staples, or nails can be used to install Lauhala matting on building structures and solid surface areas of your choice. Hala leaves are naturally flexible and can be cut and reshaped to fit smaller areas of your project. Place a piece of tape behind the matting before cutting with a sharp scissor or blade to prevent fraying.

DISCLAIMER: Lauhala matting is a natural product that is hand-woven from Hala palm leaves. Each mat will vary in overall size, color, weave size, and character. Need help color matching an existing product? Contact us for more information.

  • 8 Foot Length
  • 4 Foot Width
  • Checkered 1/2" Inch Weave
  • Made From Hala Tree Leaf
  • Eco-Friendly

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