1"-2" D x 90" L Solid (Structural) Bamboo Poles - (6 Poles)

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After years of being the nation's leading supplier of traditional bamboo poles, Forever Bamboo has listened to customer feedback! You wanted options for more durable poles and poles that are less likely to crack, are structural, and are weight-bearing, unlike the other bamboo poles we carry. So we have introduced a new species of bamboo to our website that is the solution to your needs! 

Known as "Iron Bamboo", our Solid Structural Bamboo poles are Tam Vong species, the strongest bamboo species available. Tam Vong solid bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel, making it an ideal selection for exterior and interior applications. Unlike other bamboo species, the wall density of Solid Structural Bamboo poles resists most splitting from screws and nails, heat, and the elements. This makes them the ideal choice for outdoor use in hot, dry, and damp climates.

Applications may include interior and exterior wall and ceiling treatments, batons/purlins for your tiki hut, fencing, finished millwork, handrails, and the roof of your pergola. The poles in this 6-pack are 1-2" in diameter and 90" in length, and come with free shipping. 

  • 1-2 Inch Diameter
  • 90 Inch Length
  • 6 Pack
  • Solid Structural Bamboo
  • Vietnamese Tam Vong Bamboo
  • Commercial Grade
  • Fumigated
  • Eco Friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Free Shipping 

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