Natural Bamboo Reed Blinds, Medium 72 in H x 60 in W

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Installation & Operating Guide

Forever Bamboo Reed Roman shades combine the tropical and relax feel of the Reed with the charming of the Roman shade manual operation. Forever Bamboo light-filtering, handmade roll-up blind shades for windows is made of natural, it helps to protect your house from UV rays while controlling the air and light that comes in, manually roll-up the cord to the perfect shade length that is enough to cover the direct sunlight but not enough to stop the breeze coming in. Natural window blind shades provide privacy to every room without secluding the space. Versatile Forever Bamboo natural blind shades for windows add laid back tropical feel to any ambience, perfect for any room such as living room, kids’ room, kitchen, patio, deck and more, it matches any home style, modern to old decor. Decorate a luau, use as the background of a Hawaiian Tiki Hut space, hang it on your backyard palapa for extra shade and more. Easy to install Reed blinds, made of peeled and polished natural Reed material.

  • Accentuate your interior decor by adding Reed blind shades to the most important part of your room, the windows.
  • Light Filtering window shades help to protect your house from UV rays while controlling the air and light that comes in
  • Handmade with Peeled and Polished Reed

  • Manual operation; roll-up Reed blinds to your desire length and fasten to hang in place with gold color cord and black fasteners, included with window shades

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