2" x 94" Bamboo Poles Natural (10 Poles)

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Bamboo calls to mind an island oasis with warm sea breezes and lush jungles. Elevate any space in your home or business with the versatile look of natural bamboo poles. Create Tiki huts, decorative doors, gazebos and more. Each high-quality bamboo pole measures 94 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter.

Decorate With Unique, Eco-Friendly 94-Inch Bamboo Poles

Our bamboo poles are sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. With a natural variety of colors, no two poles look exactly alike. Bamboo is also considered to be one of the greenest building materials, since the plant regrows quickly after it is harvested. Enhance any exterior or interior space with a combination of island-themed design elements, including natural bamboo.

Sealing and Staining Your Natural Bamboo Poles

Showcase the beautiful elements and colors of your bamboo poles with a stain or sealer. Total Wood Protectant (TWP) products offer a variety of color tone options. A sealant will also help protect your bamboo's appearance and structure.

Buy top-quality 94-inch bamboo poles today, as well as a variety of tropical theme products for sale at Forever Bamboo. Our large warehouses are well-stocked to ensure fast turnaround and shipping from southern California.

Our friendly customer service team is available to answer your questions and assist in any way. Give us a call at 877-912-2244 or complete our online contact form.

  • 2 Inch Diameter (All sizes are approximate)
  • Poles will taper to a smaller diameter at bottom 
  • 94 Inch Length
  • 10 Pack
  • Made from Moso Bamboo
  • Commercial Grade
  • Fumigated and Fire Straightened
  • Eco Friendly
  • Light Weight and Long Lasting
  • Free Shipping

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