Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence 2" D X 6' H X 8' L

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Blend form and function with our natural rolled bamboo fencing! Give your outdoor structure an authentic feel with the help of a natural rolled bamboo fence.

The above bamboo fence panel is 2 inch in diameter and 6’ H X 8’ L and it’s the perfect material to help you build your very own privacy fence. Our panels can be added to any existing structure and it will add a natural, authentic look to any indoor or outdoor space. Our panels are connected with heavy-gauge galvanized wire, which allows for construction flexibility and easy installation. This fence is shown in our natural golden color and can bring a tropical feel to any environment.  Since bamboo is a naturally grown product, it is normal to see slight variations in sizes and some cracking in the poles. 

We suggest applying our specially formulated TWP with UV Inhibitors to the surface of your fence for a finished look. The sealant will also help keep the color from fading or turning gray during seasonal climate changes. See our installation video and tips to maintain bamboo fencing to help ensure years of product integrity.

** Bamboo is a natural product and all sizes below are approximate sizes. Please be aware - Bamboo fence diameters and heights will vary **

  • Diameter: 2 Inch
  • Height: 6 Foot
  • Length: 8 Foot
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 72" x 16" x 16"

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