3" x 60" Bamboo Poles Natural (5 Poles)

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Bamboo is ideal for transforming any commercial or residential space into a tropical escape. With 60-inch natural bamboo poles, you can create Tiki huts, fences, gazebos, staircase railings and much more. Each pole measures 60 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter.

Eco-Friendly and Elegant 60-Inch Bamboo Poles

Each bamboo pole offers a stunning variety of naturally occurring yellow, tan, beige and cream colors. Bamboo is flexible and ideal for interior or exterior use. Create an area of peace and tranquility by using bamboo poles as a decorative focal point. Bamboo is also safer for the environment, compared to other materials like wood and plastic.

Staining and Sealing Your Natural Bamboo Poles

Bamboo can last for years with proper care. To extend the life of your poles and enhance the natural colors, we suggest applying a sealant and stain. Choose the Total Wood Protectant (TWP) shade you want, and apply it to the bamboo poles. A seal and stain will help protect your bamboo's appearance, especially when used in exterior projects.

Want to learn more about our high-quality, sustainable bamboo products and materials? Our knowledgeable, friendly specialists are here to help. Call us at 877-912-2244 or reach out online.

  • 3 Inch Diameter (All sizes are approximate)
  • Poles will taper to a smaller diameter at bottom 
  • 60 Inch Length
  • 5 Pack
  • Made from Moso Bamboo
  • Commercial Grade
  • Fumigated and Fire Straightened
  • Eco Friendly
  • Light Weight and Long Lasting
  • Free Shipping
Disclaimer: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of the bamboo poles may vary. It is also natural for bamboo poles to crack, but it does not necessarily take away from the functionality and beauty of these natural products. 

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